We made it to GQ!

Baby steps I tell you...

Everyday, do (at least) 1 thing that would bring you closer to your dream(s). For me, that was sliding in the DM's and sending messages and e-mails to celebrities and influencers.

HBO's Insecure is definitely the "it" show and you know who the "it girl" is? Yvonne Orji!

My sister is the one who told me about her as I had never seen the show, only heard of it. She thought that seeing as Yvonne was originally from Nigeria and had been seen sporting African prints, she would be a good fit for a Melapteh item. I checked out her Instagram and saw that she had worn pieces from designers I am actually friendly with so a part of me thought, oh gosh, she's probably already bombarded with this stuff...should I bother? Well this year is my "Shoot your shot" year and I am saying yes to everything (reasonable). I sent an e-mail to her assistant who told me she would show Yvonne my website and get back to me...this was in April. Well if you know anything about this business, getting back to you could be a matter of days, weeks, months or even years! I sent a follow up e-mail about 3 weeks later...and another step was made some weeks later! Yvonne loved my Back to Earth coat! Now all I had to do was ship it-which I did the same day! Then, another wait...

The assistant confirmed receipt-awesome! Hooray! Right? Yes and no... The worst wait was yet to come! When and where was she going to wear the jacket to?

I have started perfecting the game of patience- as a small business owner, you have no choice! Yvonne's assistant told me she would be wearing the jacket soon but over a month later, there was still no sign of it on her Instagram.

Then, as it is with the perfect timing of God, I get a notification from Instagram-Yvonne had tagged Melapteh...AND GQ! Could this mean...Yes! Yvonne had done a story for GQ a while back and was waiting for the article to go live because guess what? Out of all her beautiful and expensive designer clothes, all the clothes she could have selected via GQ's stylist, she chose my little 'ole jacket to wear for her spread with GQ! How amazing is that?

I encourage you all to have a little faith after you have put in the work, in due time, you shall reap the reward :)

The full article can be viewed Here




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