A feature on Elle Cote d'Ivoire

Happy Monday and New Week to all!

 As Melapteh keeps pushing through, I can't help but to always stop and be grateful when things such as this occur.

I was tagged by a number of people about 2 weeks ago on Elle Cote d'Ivoire's Facebook page when they featured a few of our as well as Eloli's items on their list of "5 African-inspired Kimonos."

I am very grateful to Elle for the surprise mention and this just goes to show, you really never know who is watching you! I believe in always putting your best foot forward and avoiding getting into petty arguments, especially with competitors and colleagues as there is enough room for us all out here.

You can read the full article HERE!

Don't forget to check out our jackets and Eloli tunics HERE and HERE

I shall be participating in some pop up events soon so stay tuned for more information!




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