About Us

Hey, I'm Brenda and I am the founder of Melapteh!

I am a Cameroonian born in Gabon who is a  resident of Canada and grew up in New York-confused yet? My personal story is just as interesting as the garments I sell, which are all made by young women based across Africa.

 I am passionate about African fashion and getting it more of the global exposure it rightly deserves. For this cause, I am prepared to sacrifice it all-even quitting my job in 2016 to head to Cameroon to lay the ground work for this project.

Melapteh is an online African Fashion consulting agency founded in 2016 by Brenda Chuinkam and aims to be the number 1 African fashion consulting agency.

Melapteh, meaning "I thank you" in a Western Cameroon dialect, strives to expose emerging African talent through education as well as retailing selected garments. We understand that there is so much untapped potential in Africa and have made it our mission to discover, educate and train emerging designers across the continent via digital education.

Melapteh strongly believes in female empowerment and global access to African-inspired garments and places an intentional focus on aiding female talent in the African fashion industry.



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