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Happy Friday-eve everyone!

It was quite a busy day for me yesterday as I had an appearance on Daytime Ottawa to discuss Melapteh and the African fashion industry at large.

You know the people who NOTHING comes easy for them, try as they may? The ones who if there is anything that can go wrong for them, it will go wrong? Well, I am definitely one of those people.

I had anticipated having 1 model for this event and 1 guest as well. Unfortunately, no one was able to come through physically due to engagements they could not get out of. I contacted Daytime Ottawa to advise of this, 4 hours before I am due to be there, and they advised me about 2 hours before show time that they would need me to bring a rack of clothing! I was far from home and of course had to rush back and dismantle my portable clothing rack as well as pack some pieces for the show. My luck gets better about an hour before show time, when my dress decides to rip and come undone! Well, thank God I move around with a sewing kit so I get straight to fixing this mishap. Then, as I am attempting to thread my needle, I put it down for 1 second to cut the thread...and the needle disappears! Hahaha! I don't know if these things ever happen to anyone else but I find that if I stand up, stop everything I am doing and just regroup for 60 seconds, I can proceed more calmly and effectively-which is what I did. I am just glad I had given myself enough time to get to the studio, even allowing for traffic, which was not present but did allow me enough time to return home and get a clothing rack.

I was able to make it on time and was please with my presentation. I just wished I would have been able to talk more about the different pieces but next time I guess :)

Please do check out my segment using the link below and let me know your thoughts!

Click here for the video

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