Exhibition at Cameroon's National Day celebration

Happy new week and new month everyone!

Melapteh had the privilege of being one of the invited vendors at the exhibition organized by the Association of Camerooninas in Canada in honour of Cameroon's National Day!

We had a great time working with models of all shapes and heights and a crowd that received us extremely well. We were able to meet and chat it up with Tatou Dembele, one of the finest African artists we have ever met who makes African-inspired portraits as a hobby.

The following evening, we attended a gala serving some fine Cameroonian cuisine-including ndole, puff puff and fried greens.


Our Eloli tunics were hands-down our best seller and we cannot wait to be back in Montreal!


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    더이상 먹튀 당하지 말고 먹튀검증 이곳에서 즐기세요

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