Never compare entrepreneurial journeys

It's Friday, the beginning of a long weekend here in Canada-Canada Day weekend.

Being the anti-crowd loving individual that I am, I shall be passing up on all things Canada Day. I live in an amazing country that allows me to freely exercise my beliefs and morals, one of which is staying away from very large crowds. Another one is embarking on and creating my own entrepreneurial experience.

I recently sat down with a full-time entrepreneur and while we were exchanging "I can't believe how broke I am" stories, she said, "Whatever you do, don't go back to a job." I held myself back and didn't say anything but it got me thinking, why do so many entrepreneurs feel like the only way to become successful is if they eat noodles and crackers until they make it big? Why must our stories be similar in order to be considered a "real" entrepreneur? The struggle does not mean we all have to give up our jobs, hate the job world and speak ill of those who are in the 9-5 industry. It's like a popular saying I often hear from self-professed workaholics, "I'll sleep when I'm in the grave." Umm, no, I actually love my sleep so I will manage my time as best as I can and allocate my 7-8 hours/night of sleep so I can think clearly.

Let us not fall for the hype. As much as we hear about the really rich entrepreneurs and their lavish lifestyle which was preceded by living off the streets (which by all means is very commendable),, let us not forget these individuals only divulge as much as they want you to know.

Go ahead and work that gig as much as you need to until your business is ready to soar like an eagle. Don't wait to be evicted because you are "an entrepreneur" and never be afraid of asking for help!





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