The Hustle-Lesson 1 : Setbacks

It's an everyday struggle being an entrepreneur. It's a level of uncertainty like never before. 

Having a job has its challenges but at the end of the day, you know what you have to do to make your money. Being an entrepreneur, you never know when your next big break is or worse, your next sales drought.

I recently faced a major setback regarding stock and some pre-ordered items. A tear or 2 may have been shed but guess what, I realized it's ALL on me....really. How I react and bounce back is in my hands. Cash flow is limited so this leads me to be more creative in order to try and keep up with others in my industry. I was listening to a podcast recently and the guest said not being handed a huge sum to start a company may be the best thing to happen to you. It will make you more creative and give the ability to adjust quickly in times of strife.

Some items have just been added to the site- I hope you take a look and share :)




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