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Hello everyone,

 First of all, a big thank you to everyone for the love and support Melapteh has received since its launch in March. We decided to create a blog to not only give you a closer look inside the process of building this brand but a look into Cameroon, where this first batch of items are from!

 Cameroon is a beautiful and culture-rich country in West Africa (although some would say Central Africa) and its honestly worthy of its nickname, "Africa in miniature."

Cameroon is a bilingual democracy faced with conflict between a wider region of the Anglophone section and its majority Francophone region. While we were on site getting these items made and ready, there was ongoing tension between the English and French regions with the minority getting their access to internet connection cut off for over 3 months.

When it comes to the economy, a shortage of jobs and infrastructures has brought about poverty and general frustration, especially from the youth. Women are still very far from bridging the wage gap between them and their male counterparts.

Melapteh strives to empower women by making a conscious decision to employ as many women as possible for each stage of production. All garments have been made by hard-working women, mostly mothers who are aware that a two-income household provides better stability during such tough economic times.

Each garment you purchase helps us keep this vision alive and assist these women in stabilizing the general Cameroonian economy.

Thank you for being a part of this amazing journey!



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    Ur styles are out of this world love them all will like yo know u more i sell ankara materials too

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